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Watch the full documentary Zeitgeist: The Movie from director Peter Joseph, a treatment on Mythology and Belief in society today, presenting uncommon perspectives of common cultural issues.

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The central theme is how society is often misled when it comes to certain pivotal historical events, what those events serve in function, along with how the overall social conditioning patterns we see today function to create values and perspectives which support and perpetuate the static, established order/power structure, as opposed to fluid social change and productive evolution for the betterment of the society as a whole.

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  • OH MY GOOOOODD! The adverts in this made it pretty much impossible to watch ffs. Like every few minutes. Crazy..
    Great documentary otherwise. Actually resorted to downloading the film for a future unbothered watching…

  • Ok, but you said science is "unfalsifiable", but you introduce the term theory as if it's implied as fact in its use which then is misleading. A "theory" is very falsifiable because it has not been 100% guaranteed to create an exact resulting outcome every single time because technically it hasn't been "proven to work" once. Theory is a well educated speculation, and that is not a definite science.
    However you hit some good points for sure and a lot of this is true, but it seems like your selling it to much. It would almost be a little better without seemingly accentuated personal emotions woven in.
    It almost is propaganda in itself, which it "technically" I guess by vague definition it is because of that aspect.
    The average person who has an open mind picks up on these hints immediately but one who is already biased to the overall idea will subconsciously agree and won't notice as much.
    Great video though, I'll check some of your others out.
    I couldn't help but notice all the bank commercial ads in the actual commercials which there were a ton of.
    Unfortunately there is a constant evolutionary pattern and as our brain develops we tend to trigger more questions then answers. Every time we seem to stumble across or develop something that changes daily life as people know it, a way to ultimately fabricate a sense of control for it, therefore needing an advancable form of being able to deal with said challenges, creating the need for more and newer machines.
    We don't know how to actually make something "future proof" in its absolute definition because we can not pre realize how systems that operate may actually change in all of its present forms of what we call standard operations methods, for instance…. we think of future proofed super computers in the sense of our understanding of that technology in a current sense, but what if the whole approach to the motherboard or the way it even works completely shifts and or operating systems advance to a point where the technology in play just doesn't support new functions and possible capabilities.
    It is absolutely essential that we advance in a wasteful manner to some degree, unfortunately that seems to be the cost of advancement…. we are ultimately in search for a slightly longer life aren't we? It would make the most sense, health and medical research is absolutely essential for this to even be considered.
    I also don't believe that certain things don't ever breakdown. I find that hard to believe considering all of the materials were originally found in the same ground. Yes a different format going back in, but nature has a funny way of figuring out what's best for itself. The Earth will heal itself after the human virus itself is gone, until then we are pre destined to keep an unbalance because its human nature or it wouldn't or couldn't happen. Nothing is supposed to be, the fact is were here and that's really it. Through time man has tried many instruction manuals to life, not one has really worked yet.
    Nothing is a perfect setup inherently because everything we vision comes from man which is flawed to begin with. Nothing is absolute except recurring results, but even those can shift due to environmental changes.

  • Narcissistic, insane, delusional, society.
    It just can't be helped.

    Also, your perfect circle efficient city looks like Atlantis, maybe things were better thousands of years ago.

  • This is nothing more than a Technocrat's wet dream, you see the problem is not resources,or consumerism it's self important people who think they have all the answers It's about control of everything Especially you when any body of people who say that they give a damn about you is really saying we see you and your value is low. Stealing land for their use not yours It's socialism at it's finest. Just put Ration in place of the word "Sustainable" Globalist Neugenic Technocrat Satanic phycopath's. When so called Science say's Carbon Dioxide is bad. You know their Science is backwards! And a flat out lie

  • All these pigs seem to have the same “History and religion but we by law are not allowed to question them ! However we know who they are but we are not allowed to question them and who they are !!!

  • Money is a non corporeal hyper dimensional organism that eats life and turns it into money. It turns everything into money. Money is cordyceps fungus and humans are ants. We serve money. Money doesn’t serve us. We get poison in our water for money. We stress ourselves out for money. If money worked for humans wouldn’t it make us happier? Money is its own purpose. Money is a meta fungus that eats life and turns it into money

  • All said and done what ever the way the world goes in what concept wins out Venus project, Nesara, Gesara or the TOTATALITARIAN NWO God’s will, will be done.
    Come with me with that satanic cult quackcine and you will get to meet God quicker than you thought.

  • That was already…Naturally Done…it is these "science systems trying to copy" that screwed it's natural abundance !!!!!!!! Which has alawys been waaaaayyyy more than the life of the people..70 -120. Even at thes natural, other thing already stop pregmacy, all over the world. The a million other things.

  • There should be millions and millions of views
    Politics race crime war all for not we’ve done this to ourselves letting the elite and there greed destroy us that’s the truth FJB dosent really carry any meaning now the government the police the Coruption doesn’t matter now there will be an adjustment all right a massive famine world wide the grate die off money or no money this will affect every one every where

  • The “system” was built to last only so long and fail. EVERY “System”!!! It doesn’t matter who is ruling or serving. Anything man built is fallible because man is fallible. Everything is dependent on someone else’s thoughts and actions (who you would have to believe is honorable and in the best interest of All). That person does not exist. Don’t care how many movies made, theories examined, conferences held, marches planned, assassinations carried out, elections rigged or government coupes happen, EVERY society WILL collapse upon itself hence the Ouroboros!!! Everything else is for entertainment purposes only and coming to a theater (your life) near you for temporary use!!!!

  • I knew that this would be thrown in our faces. Mixing 90% Truth with 10% LIES! Misinformation, Division, Deception and Provoking violence?? I wonder what playbook they reading from? Its just the same as the 1st Zeitgeist,Which fooled a lot of people. Bless You All in Yeshua. Maranatha.

  • Here is the game. They don't care which side you choose as long as you choose a side. Don't fall for the trap. Left or right is the same show. Same staged production that they have been showing us for millenia. You have to ask yourself, what is the matter?

  • Satan is the God of this world. Satan tempts sinful man some fall for his vices yet there are other sinful man that realizes that Jesus has made a way for salvation. Where you put your treasure there your heart will be. You can store your treasure in heaven or in the world. God gives you free will. Yet Evil tempts you to destroy you. Which way will you chose? You have everything to gain you have everything to lose, which way will you chose?

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