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Reggie examines the impact that gun violence and police brutality continue to have on the citizens of Chicago.
Against the backdrop of unprecedented gun violence, Reggie Yates travels to Chicago to investigate gun crime in President Obama’s adopted hometown. In the year of filming this documentary, there were 468 murders in 2015. With many of the victims being young African-American men, who was to blame?
Reggie hears first-hand the accusations of police brutality, but after attending the aftermath of a shooting and funeral of a young black man, he comes to realise an even bigger problem is that the majority of killings are perpetrated by young black men living in Chicago’s poorest neighbourhoods.


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Real Stories Tapes: True Crime is a brand new podcast hosted by Emmy-nominated TV host and true-crime obsessive Stephanie Bauer (Searching For…). It takes some of the most popular true-crime documentaries on your Real Stories channel and transforms them into riveting audio, meaning you can enjoy them wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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