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Science Documentary: Genetics, Robotics, Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence

There are several technologies emerging that will change what it means to be called a human being. Genetics is the manipulation of cells at their most basic levels. Along with genomics, the manipulation of proteins will give scientists the ability to create whatever they want.

In the pharmaceutical industry, one of the most exciting treatments to arise are memory pills. These should be available in the coming years to treat patients with alzheimer’s and eventually the general public. The possibilities include eventually being able to take a pill to help you learn another language, improve test taking, etc.

Another interesting promise of the future of genetics is the promise of various new vaccines to help quit smoking. Also, DARPA has developed an anti-sleep vaccine. This is a vaccine that simply shuts off the trigger that makes us fall asleep. Another human enhancement technology being developed by DARPA is a drug that triggers the body to burn fat cells.

The future of robotics involves the melding of human and machine attributes into what can be referred to as a cyborg. Intelligent machines are becoming more and more prevalent in military combat. And they are also becoming much more complex. Wearable robot suits that amplify your lifting capacity will be available in the not so distant future.

Consciousness and Neuroscience
One of the biggest mysteries in neuroscience is consciousness. Scientists have discovered a lot about the brain, but little progress has been made in understanding consciousness. It is as if the study of the brain and mind are separate. It is puzzling to scientists as to why we subjectively experience anything. If we understood every single brain cell and every single brain process, we still would not understand consciousness as a physical object within the brain. Any kind of theory of the brain, that is able to handle and support an understanding of subjective experience or neuro-rehabilitation or other such complex brain functions may revolutionize artificial intelligence and robotics.

AGI – Artificial General Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is currently being used to control animated characters in video games. Integrating Artificial intelligence into robotics has proved rather difficult. As humans, we use metaphors everyday in our speech to describe complex ideas. Trying to teach robots to be able to interpret and comprehend these metaphors could be a tough task. But as scientists progress in their integration of artificial intelligence and robotics, we may soon see more and more of our human senses replicated in a much more precise and sophisticated fashion.

Optical Quantum Computing
The future of medial treatment may involve the use of quantum computers. Patients will have a device like a cell phone that they carry with them which monitors their health and sends the information to their doctor who can then prescribe treatment to his patient. Understanding quantum physics has allowed researchers to develop this technology as well as other more and more complex quantum technologies.

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