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From our archive – In this extended sit down interview, 17-year old Aaron told us how he landed in juvenile detention in Indiana, even though he was from a neighboring state. As Aaron was close to turning 18, he told us he “couldn’t keep his hands off the wheel” of cars he liked. He had a bad habit of stealing cars just for the sake of joy riding. As he sat in a detention center facing the possibility of being waived to adult court, the car theft fun had come to an end. Because Aaron was from the neighboring state of Illinois where he was also facing charges of leaving a hospital and fleeing to the state of Indiana, his case was more complicated than most. As his charges added up, Aaron began to realize that he was in more trouble than he originally thought.

Postscript: During Aaron’s juvenile court hearing, he was confused on whether he should plead guilty and stay in the juvenile system or deny the charges and take his chances in adult court. He was eventually waived to the adult court where he served time in jail and was released.

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  • Thought drive behaviors. It's so obvious. HES BORED !! 4.0 GPA, sports, no creepy crimes. He just bored. He need to learn some Cognitive behavior therapy. Theach him how to think, to live.
    It's a shame

  • Please tell Aaron that this ex-con is pulling for him. Tell him I said you don't have to do this. It's the choices that you're making brother. It's not any life to live. As human beings we're not meant to live in an 8×12-ft cell.
    Much love and respect brother

  • This is a great example of the undeveloped or underdeveloped adolescent mind and risk-taking behavior. This is all going to end with this kid in about 2 and 1/2 to 3 years and his risk-taking is going to take a serious plunge you won't want to do it anymore and yet he's about to get cracked in the head with probably a 5 to 10 year sentence for the carjacking it's it's horrific and horrible and and 30 or 40 years and possibly even longer are juvenile justice system has not changed one iota and kicking this kid into the adult system is not the answer. It is not. I am a product of that very same type of thinking I was reminded to the adult system at 15 was in an adult penitentiary at 16 years old scared to death. And and became a career convict it didn't get his s*** together until I was 45. this is the type of thinking that is bankrupting our country not only financially but socially and morally as well. children are not meant to be locked up in prison.

  • He's very intelligent and he's looking up to his mistakes and I think he's doing really well I hope is there any updates on this young gentleman thanks for the video

  • This dude reminds me of myself at his age, I could be wrong but I think he is in a kind of denial, he needs to be dead honest with him self. And work towards his goals x

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