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Are UFOs real?

***Our producer has a correction, the beginning of the video should say “On December 16th, 2017, footage shot by the US Navy stun the American population”. It did not create panic. Thanks to everyone for commenting.

Unidentified flying objects have been a state secret for a long time. In less than 100 years, mankind has experienced a wide range of U.F.O./U.A.P. phenomena the world over. From these experiences, fascinating data has been gathered by military, government, and private organizations in key geopolitical countries, leading people within these organizations to believe that a unified human effort should be undertaken to study extraterrestrial phenomena.

Watch this UFO documentary and let us know what you think in the comments.

“Covers the most up to date, most credible ufo incidents in recent memory including the Pentagon UFO videos. While nothing new for ufo enthusiasts, for anyone not in deep in the ufo field, it’s a short, succinct, straight to the point ufo documentary on the latest happenings.”

Cow Lamp Films is the Midwest’s first and only full-service independent film and television distributor.

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  • Why are all photos BLURRY. Yet we have cameras that can photograph small objects like a niddle very clearly with sharp details at a very long distant. Pluss be aware what u are wishing for . Re.. space visitors. To them we may be just like a fly?

  • The "Phoenix Light" of 1997 flew over my head by about 30 feet. it was massive in size. I could clearly see the bottom of the craft, it had oval shaped indentations like thumb prints all over the bottom. I could see into the far left wing light. It was an opening with a silver color tube inside that opening. Orange color substance like lava poured out of the hole and would spread out turning yellow. It dropped about 8 feet or so and then stop and appear to drop back UP inside the tube again. No heat, no wind, no sound, no odor. Amazing sight.

  • Why are they ignoring ALL the sightings this year. They are not hiding nor being secret !!! They are coming in by the hundred's and landing in each State. And No military in sight???? We have NO defense

  • Spread Panic, I saw absolutely no panic. Most of this information has been revealed previously. The only difference was the media ridiculed it and the people who reported such events. Who looks stupid now that world governments are disclosing they are real. The big secrecy is due to the way they violate our primitive understanding of physics science and nature. And the fact they are not using nuclear or fossil fuels to get here and do what they do. Like shutting down nuclear weapons launch sites.

  • Many government representatives, self appointed experts and scientists annoy me when they say an acknowledged Alien presence would frighten the population and we must be slowly guided toward this truth, absolute nonsence. it's all about control of info and the population. Humanity has known aliens exist for 1000s of years, Alexandera the great, Christohper Columbus documented their sightings, ancient writings speak of extraterresteral visitors, we do not need to be protected from a truth we have known for millennia.

  • If I am to be as open minded as possible here and wanted to make a statement on it I think I would have to make the following observation. In space, there's NOWHERE to go. EVERYWHERE outside of our solar system is too distant for travel to be possible between there and here. And if there were aliens actually eminating from a planet in our solar system we would most certainly know about it. HOWEVER…. I would say that IF there are alien lifeforms flying around in craft in our world, they will surely have to be interdimensional in nature….. Pretty much only in this case could there be aliens knocking about the place. Which is entirely possible.

  • I was supposed to only save this video to watch later because I have work to do, but it was so interesting that I was sitting and watched the whole video. I don't regret I watched it instead of working!

    I am also a firm believer of UFOs/UAPs, and are very certain that ETs exists, and have been visiting earth.

  • I will translate for Reid. "I wanted to put this 22 million in my bank account but I couldn't just transfer the funds, so I put out a bid. The bid was accepted and I gave them $500,000 and I got the rest. I mean the rest went to the study of a UFO."

  • In regards to the $22 million being spent on the program, you could almost buy 2 Apache attack helicopters for that amount.

    It's a joke, is what I'm saying. Elizondo is almost stressing that tax dollars weren't wasted on the program. Dude, don't fret it. The US government and military pisses away billions on a regular basis.

    (I'm not happy about any of it, by the way)

  • Understanding this subject, is going to take more than a scientific approach. It won't be until we grow as a species, and start uplifting each other, instead of what is currently the norm, that we will fulfill our potential, and unlock the secrets of this universe we are a part of.

  • Who ever knows the truth is hindering the growth of humanity. If we knew what we were dealing with as a human race, we could move past fear, and curiosity and build knowledge and awareness. The knowledge of other beings doesn't have to be a fearful situation. Yes, some of mankind may go off the deep end but they were going to do that anyway 🤷🏾‍♀️. It's time for us to grow.

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