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Top 10 “Oops… Acts Go WRONG” On Got Talent World 2018

  1. Matt Johnson – Life-Threatening 00:24
  2. Demian Aditya – The Escape Goes Wrong 03:07
  3. Duo Transcend – Dangerous Trapeze 07:29
  4. Rossi Brothers – Acrobatic Brothers 10:23
  5. Lioz Shem Tov – Magic? 13:11
  6. Victor Santos – Guitarist 15:34
  7. Professor Strange – Magic With Calamity 17:38
  8. Sean and Lindsay – Stand Up Couple 19:00
  9. Janne Mustonen – Juggling With Chainsaw 19:43
  10. Sudarshana Deshapriya – Karate Fail 21:46

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