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The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a vast, mineral rich country the size of Western Europe.

Alastair Leithead takes an epic journey from the Atlantic Ocean to the far reaches of the Congo river to explore how history has shaped the Congo of today and uncover the lesser told stories of this beautiful, if troubled country.

In the largest rainforest outside of the Amazon he comes face to face with its gorillas and hunts with pygmies, he travels into the heart of the Ebola outbreak with United Nations peacekeepers, and explores the cobalt mines which will drive our electric cars of the future.



BBC News Africa

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  • 7:07 Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness” is a pro-African, anti-colonization novel. It is very ignorant to state that this novel or its title has resulted in “haunting” African stereotypes. If anything, the novel stereotyped white men as foolish and power-hungry.

  • Africa is comprised of 57 Countrues and one of the largest continents on the Planet. All this white supremacists propaganda. We are fed up of you. AFRICA is the richest continent on the planet being pillaged and plundered by European predators for centuries. Why don't you show filthy SE London and all the thousands of unbathed vagrants living on the streets in England. And talk about the Hundred years of Wars you had in Europe and the World Wars 1&2 that you started and killed over 150Million persons. Why don't you show your decaying cities in Europe and compare
    them with the beautiful burgeoning cities in Africa.
    We are tired of you fake news, give us a bloody break.

  • BBc,Like making fake news, this is the only real documentary,Watch BBc, you should have your own judgment, or you will be misled.

  • There are rich and poor people in all the nations. Because. Any way God will wipe away all 😢 tears one day. You see the thing they called greed one day it will ✋ stop. When God get ready we all will 👀 see who is boss round here.

  • Had not been colonialism by a white man. Africa would be 400 years ahead of every continent. I sometimes wonder if God does exist, why did he give these people the power to capture and exploit us? in this contemporary society it is still continuing, they are funding insurgency groups that then pretend to help us ( United Nations). My heart is bleeding

  • This documentary reminded me of a young African man, working in a large factory. I asked him what job he did back home. He had been head of security for a president. Ah, makes sense he was in Europe.

  • 2:01 next step is Brazil…Ici au Brésil, l'une des fêtes les plus traditionnelles est Congada, l'intronisation du roi du Congo. Le premier enregistrement de ce festival date de 1674 dans l'église de Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos à Recife. Voici notre salut à nos frères congolais dont le sang compose nos origines.

  • I am no fan of BBC News, but this is good reportage, and the fact Alastair and the production team got so far up river and to the north and far east and south is to be commended, no easy task. My late aunt worked as a midwife in three Baptist Missionary hospitals in the Congo until she had to flee in the early 60s. She missed the last Biritish and Belgian planes but she managed to get on the last American plane to leave, which was operated by the CIA. She left a legacy to the hospitals, but two were no more and the other was now government controlled and the Baptist charity could not guarantee her legacy would be used for neo-natal care. So most of the funds went to a London-based charity (the Wonder Foundation) to fund scholarships for student nurses in Kinshasa, and to the Otema Projet, a new hospital project in a remote area in central Congo. The people of DRC deserve much better leaders.

  • Pls.pray the rosary & devine mercy prayer to free all countries from war, diseases, calamities, hunger, corruption, drugs, prostitution, abortion,homosexuality, divorce, vices and all evils.pls pray for peace and joy in all families and home.. ……….

  • This one side Hollywood story telling just like in Book's and Movie's! 😁😊. The 3 races of the world don't need material things of the world that come from dirt because it doesn't mean more than our soul's staying connected as 1 creation and to the Creator who created all thing's and the material things was just put here for us to share it and live off of and to build family homes living tribal family life having offsprings and passing that civilized way of living on earth down to the next generation kid's to share the creation as 1 humanity all over the world to take care of the earth we all human being's live on so no one should be without because our powerful Creator the 1 and only put all this creation together as a gift to be enjoyed and shared equally amongst all on earth out of the different colors of his creation, and to do that would be taking care of the earth we all live on together and to do other would not be taking care of the creation we all live in as the gift of life that was given to all of us to be apart of as 1 creation by our powerful Creator because none of us could not put a creation like this together Right????? So humanity all have to come back together as 1 and do away with colonize currency printing of money and stop putting a price on the Creator creation something none of us did not create and honor the Creator creation by living and let live and go back to sharing the creation we all are apart of as 1 creation, and that would be taking care of the earth we all live on and start back hooking up marriage and relationship between one another and granting one wishes on who they would like to get married to in the world and become apart of living tribal family life and keep building family homes with to the end of time and must be pas on generation after generation kid's to be taught to live that way in the gift of life living civilized as the great civilization ancient ancestors live before all of our time who shared the earth and keep building family homes on earth in marriage giving one another love one's hands to the next out of respect and to keep peace on the earth!!!!!???? So you don't need to be a school Boy or Girl and you don't need no School plantation House, no Book's, and no colonize sale out plantation fake money, all you need to do away with it, and all you need is your elders the walking Book who live before you live to teach you and one another to stay together as 1 creation sharing it equally amongst each other living civilized!!!!!???? Don't forget about the Food on the table!!!! Smile? 😁😁😁😊😊😊😋😋😋 Zarail aka Z

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