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The world’s major powers agree: the resources of Antarctica should be exploited peacefully. They have promised to promote peace and scientific research in Antarctica, and to protect its environment. But is this spirit real, or just a lot of talk?

This documentary features interviews with researchers, activists, diplomats, and military personnel from Spain, Russia, Portugal, Chile, Argentina, and the United States. There’s been much debate over how to share control of resources in Antarctica, which is the world’s oldest ecosystem. Critics say that behind the scenes, a game of high-stakes poker is underway. Could this competition end in armed conflict? Or will Antarctica serve as a model for peaceful international cooperation? This film addresses these complicated issues with in-depth analysis, accompanied by magnificent images of the Antarctic landscape. The documentary’s soundtrack was composed by Javier Weyler, former drummer of the Welsh rock band, the Stereophonics.

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  • Antarctica was not intended to support habitats year round!!!! Funny how more and more people build more and more facilities and the ice keeps melting faster and faster… yeah right there is no correlation!!! Buildings, people and there equipment are all basically micro heat sources that where not as present 100+ years ago and look there was no threat to Antarctica. So by there being people there it is automatically under threat!!!!

  • Why shooting people there when they want to explore it? To protect the environment? Hahahah,…eveything is under control,..militairy operations,…THEY LIE TO YOU, EXPLORE FLAT EARTH BY DAVID

  • The perfection of this place and it's organized system which has been functioning long before man stated his so called claim. It points to no other than the higher power, it been doing good without human assistance, it doesn't need us we need it. All praise belongs to God.

  • I clicked on this just to see how much misinformation will come from it!! So far, I've not been disappointed!! Calling those Outcrops of Islands Antarctica is a hoot. LOL I bet somewhere on one of those Islands, that Glass Ball that's supposed to be the South Pole is lurking. This is a great Fantasy Video though 👌. Isn't it unbelievable at how far Countries will go and the Expense, to hide the real Secret about Antarctica? So far, it's halfway through the Video and they've not left the Outcrop of Islands they keep calling Antarctica!! Is this a Video, that these people are making, in one of the situations where they are limited to where they can go 🤔? Buzz by the Ice Wall, so we can see the TRUE ANTARCTICA.
    I knew it!! This crew didn't get nowhere near the Ice Wall. They had to hangout 🤣 among the Outcropping of Islands that someone is calling ANTARCTICA. I LIKE a good Fantasy Video. DECEPTION Island is a Truthful Name!!
    NEVER WENT NOWHERE NEAR THE ICE WALL. So the DECEPTION of Antarctica is still going strong. One day the Truth will come out. Probably after the Fifty Year Block before any common people getting to Explore Antarctica. Before that even happens though, the Antichrist will have come and gone and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ will have happened. Then God will Destroy this Heavens and Earth and make a New Heavens and Earth. Wait a minute…we might just get to go to Antarctica, before the Fifty Year Block is lifted. 😃 COOL 😁 👍👍 🙏AMEN🙏
    God gets the Glory.!!

  • It is hard to talk about Antarctica without also talking about the New religion called CLIMATE CHANGE….Also depopulation,politics,how bad mankind is and why we all need to live in little boxes to keep the little lefties happy…Oh and be gay and vegans..

  • Why was the Spanish Military singled out for mention when Argentina also has troops – who have family's & children ( school for military children).
    Who else has Military outposts on Antarctica & it's Islands ?

  • Antarctica is my old Kingdom. It’s real name is Antariksha. If you look at the map of Antarctica on Google earth or any other satellite map and focus on its southern tip that meets South America you will notice the correct way to view my earth carving. You will notice that it looks alike a face with a long thin chin beard. This face is modelled around my father seed as the rest of the planets pictures excluding female that are all separate. Now before there was ice on the continent it was ruled by my family Dynasty. Today the entire map is a mirror image of the Indian Royal Imperial provinces of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Telangana, Goa and Karnataka. It you look at the map you will see my face drawn in more detail on the map. The names of the towns and ancient cities and towns are in reverse that of the provinces of india that I have mentioned. The Indian Bhagwan Brahma Chitroda calendar and Government history works in sets of ages as now we are in the Nakshstra (zodiac) of Jal (Water also Known as Aquarius). This makes myself the myself Avatar (Bhagwan at the start of a Complete zodiac cycle) as the secrets of the earth and universe are only found in my family history with full tracing. I have already decoded Greenland with my original Kingdom name and provinces that are lochs in Scotland written and named by my family ancestor Bhagwan Shiva Chitroda with the lochs as the original shapes of the lochs as provinces. As I am the Avatar I will publish my findings for the world as in around 50-300 years the ice would of all melted and sea levels will rise creating the next planetary evacuation migration. My blue prints are original and the correct way to transfer the areas effected by the flood to restart civilisation as noted and prophesied and projected in my ancient family Hindu scriptures.🕉🔺➕

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