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Chinese State Media has just released a document that states the USA is engaging in biological warfare and other transgressions against China, is this a declaration of War?
Here’s the Communist State Media document:

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  • Are we just going to let the CCP keep threatening us like this? This new Cultural Revolution will be a disaster to both the Chinese people and the world.
    Thank each and every one of you for watching my videos, you're all incredibly Awesome!
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  • This is deadly serious. Throw in Covid, the floods, the food crisis, civil engineering disasters, unpaid migrants, demography, and vast misreporting of financial data,… what options are there for a government? Only one: WAR!

  • Serpentza, I ran the article you refer to through Google translate & it doesn’t make much sense. Can you do an annotated (for the parts that require cultural clarification, like you did about the “fresh meats” part) human translation and post a link to it online that way we can share it with friends & family? When you do please do a short video highlighting the translation location page, even if it is just a link to a blogpost.

  • The chinese people are afraid right now because they're used to peace and propaganda but once shit hits the fan and when the people is backed up a corner…..ccp will know what real revolution is.

  • China has been at war with the West since it's conception 100 years ago. They have stolen everything, and it is written that the thief will not benifit from his toil and stolen goods. The war is against the righteous, not Capitalism. A war against God.

  • This contrast of Human mind is so fascinating to me.
    Here I am ,an individual who loves the whole of Humanity , including all the more than 195 cultures, USA's people being one of my favourites and then there are these individuals thinking the exact opposite.

  • China will be the end of the old America. It start when bill Clinton execute the WTO. And there no turning back. Look what they did to the Trump administration.

  • The CCP party members have 100s of millions of dollars and vaults packed full tonnes of gold 200 mansions on and on so of course they don't care.
    Guess all individual party members decided they each have enough money and gold to last 100 lifetimes so time to pop the Ol" Bullshit.

  • Well at least both the US and China now agree COVID came from a lab (just not their own lab). It would be nice if China could put out an official statement saying it no longer believes COVID originated in nature or was imported into Wuhan via frozen food packages.

  • Sending students to rich,liberal countries like Canada,USA to learn the latest knowledge of modern Humanity and then coming back to the chinese home to enhance the life of countrymen,which is beautiful.
    But waging war on the teachers, thats a no no.

  • What a waste of time listening to this propaganda, just biased and absolutely one sided. Examine yourself in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Venezuela, etc, etc

  • I think this was all just a big misunderstanding and that there is probably an area in China known as You and nobody knows how many people live there.

  • Chinese guys from multiple parts of China, meaning multiple accents and multiple variations of Chinese talking about random online stuff: Guy A: ´hi everybody, I just read a bunch of the history of biological warfare experiments in America´. Guy B: ´Why did you stop reading this valuable information just to talk with us about it´? Guy A: ´I wasn´t talking to the US, I wanted to talk with you about this´. Guy B: ´There are 500,000 Chinese people living in You. Have you forgotten where you is´? Guy A: ´is it a Chinese country or is it a recently built city in China´? Guy B: ´let´s ask Guy C. Guy C, what do you think´? Guy C: ´I think America is playing games with us and that they have brainwashed our ally. We should write a report about this. This is clearly biological warfare´.

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