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Giving Nature A Voice – Season 2, Episode 11: The Fight For Water – Kenya’s Cattle Wars – Part 2 | Nature Documentary

Watch ‘ The Fight For Water – Kenya’s Cattle Wars – Part 1’ here: https://youtu.be/iNT9zNM3WJo

The violence that accompanied the 2017 drought in Kenya’s Laikipia County was unprecedented. By the end of year, over 35 people were killed and millions of dollars worth of property destroyed. The conflicts pitted nomadic cattle herders against landowners, ranchers, and the police. In the continuing series Kenyan investigative journalists from Africa Uncensored track their way through a vicious conflict to the heart of the problem; a dire search for grass that led pastoralists from the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River into restive Laikipia County.

In the dramatic conclusion of End of the River investigative reporter John-Allan Namu tries to find out who was behind the attacks and killings in Laikipia. Is the violence in Laikipia a sign of things to come in the era of climate change? The series also talks to those trying to find a solution to the crisis, and for the people caught between a drying landscape and a brutal competition for diminishing resources.


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