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Animal Armory – Episode 6: Chemical Warfare | Animal Documentary

Watch ‘Animal Armory – Episode 1’ here: https://youtu.be/FhXH6gtjRJE

Within the animal armory, multiple applications of ejection and odour have more than proven their worth. Throughout the ocean the cuttlefish evades its enemies by disappearing behind an ejection of ink. Combining ejection and odor, the skunk can fire its sickening stink with practiced precision. More hunter than scavenger, the hyena employs odour as a means of communication in its complex society. The Musk ox bull uses its heady aroma to mark trails and compete for mates. The tasmanian devil is well known for its foul odor but is now understood to utilize smell in its secretive eco-systems. More aggressive than it appears, the male koala intimidates rivals by marking its territories with secretions from its chest. Both ejection and odor are used to devastating effect by the innovative bolas spider. Finally, the ancient millipede deters and injures would-be predators with a noxious discharge. Animal Armory takes a closer look at these mighty instruments of destruction and the animals that wield them with absolute precision.


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