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Animal Armory – Episode 4: Lethal Poison | Animal Documentary

Watch ‘Animal Armory – Episode 5’ here: https://youtu.be/h20IRyTy1yc

In the wild, it can take more than size, teeth and brute force to come out on top. There are some creatures in the animal kingdom that are deadly to humans and animals alike – and some are no bigger than two inches long. These are animals that use venom and poison to attack, defend and hunt. The funnel-web spider latches onto its victim and bites repeatedly, unleashing enough venom to kill an adult human in less than half an hour. The stonefish and the blue-ringed octopus both expertly blend into the sea floor, and use their deadly venom when threatened. The rattlesnake and gila monster employ toxic bites, while the scorpion uses it’s whip-like tail to deliver a stinging blow. The cane toad’s poisonous skin means they have few predators, allowing them to reach plague-like proportions. Animal Armory takes a closer look at these mighty instruments of destruction and the animals that wield them with absolute precision.


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