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The Search for Australia’s Lost World War II Bombers | History Documentary

Watch ‘Nancy Wake – Gestapo’s Most Wanted Resistance Fighter’ here:

231 allied planes crashed in Australia’s north in WWII. Some are still missing, their exact whereabouts still unknown; all the crew died in the crashes. No survivors, no witnesses, no position to report. Now, Australian marine explorer Ben Cropp is lifting the veil on at least one of these lost warbirds. He’s found the sunken wing of a four-engine WWII bomber lying beside a coral reef. His team will return to the site, armed with all the knowledge they can gather to correctly identify it and perhaps lay to rest the aircrew that died in the crash. This film is the story of exploration and discovery.


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Free Documentary – History is dedicated to bringing high-class documentaries to you on YouTube for free. You will see fascinating animations showing the past from a new perspective and explanations by renowned historians that make history come alive.

Enjoy stories about people and events that formed the world we live in.


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