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The Apollo Experience – Part 1: Apollo 17 – The Last Men on the Moon | History Documentary

Watch ‘The Apollo Experience – Part 2’ here:

Between 1968 and 1972, NASA successfully sent 24 men where no human beings had been before or since. The final mission, Apollo 17, flew in December 1972 and closed the final chapter in NASA’s triumphant Apollo Program. Using spectacular NASA high-definition archive footage, mission audio and rare astronaut interviews, this is a unique documentary film that comprehensively chronicles one of the greatest moments in mankind’s history.

Uninterrupted by narration or expert interviews, this documentary immerses the audience inside the action as it happened on the day, over 40 years ago. Journey with astronauts Eugene Cernan, Harrison Schmitt and Ronald Evans through their extensive training and across their 14-day mission to the Moon and back, and share the discoveries with Cernan and Schmitt as they explore the lunar surface for 3 days, while Evans performs experiments and reconnaissance in lunar orbit. The Apollo 17 Experience is an emotive, informative and inspirational tribute to the spirit of human exploration and mankind’s final steps on the Moon.


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Free Documentary – History is dedicated to bringing high-class documentaries to you on YouTube for free. You will see fascinating animations showing the past from a new perspective and explanations by renowned historians that make history come alive.

Enjoy stories about people and events that formed the world we live in.


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