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Battle of Britain – Episode 1: Royal Air Force vs The Luftwaffe | History Documentary

Watch ‘Battle of Britain – Episode 2’ here: https://youtu.be/AVG_2ZyAyrs

By May 1940, the die was cast and the war started in earnest. This episode examines the build-up to the Battle of Britain, studying the technological advances that the RAF pioneered, to the start of the Battle itself. At the heart of the RAF production were two world-class fighters – theHurricane & the Spitfire, able to compete against the best that the Luftwaffe had to offer.

A story of human endeavour, the contest between British and German airforces in 1940 which became a defining point of the Second World War. With unseen footage from the feature film Battle of Britain, this series provides an unbiased accounts of the events in the skies above Britain. A chronological account of a country preparing to defend itself against a rising empire.


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